What Is a Fair Way to Split Utility Bills? 

1 min read • February 14 2024

Bill splitting can cause more hassle than it’s worth and often results in a lot of headaches when not executed properly. Not everyone in your property will use the same amount of energy and water, so it can be a challenge to divvy up the bills evenly without a fight.  

Factors to Consider When Dividing Utility Bills Among Housemates 

Every person is different. Some people are happy to go with the flow and do whatever, others like to have a hand in every decision and like to micro-manage. It’s good to consider which of your housemates these labels apply to so you don’t cause problems when deciding how to split your bills. 

Tailoring Utility Bill Sharing to Your Living Situation 

Every living situation is unique, and what may have worked at one property may not work at another as everyone has their own requirements and every property will have a different split. Some properties may have certain utilities covered in their rent costs, others may require tenants to pay for everything separately, so it’s important to understand what needs paying for and what your rent covers.  

The Pros and Cons of Commonly Used Utility Bill Splitting Approaches 

The easiest and most common way to do it is to split it completely evenly between the number of housemates you have. Despite it seeming unfair for certain people who may use less than everyone else, at least this way it’s a single payment every single time and there’s no need to work out complicated percentages.  

Another way is to work out exactly what everyone uses and split it that way. For instance, someone that maybe works or studies from home more than everyone else might use more power, whereas someone who showers at the gym every day will use much less water than the rest of their housemates. Although this method is fairer, it is also a lot more work and takes a lot of complicated sums to figure out exactly who owes what. It’s worth just having an open conversation with your housemates and working out what’s best. If you’re moving into a property that already has an established set of rules, it’s worth ensuring you understand these clearly before agreeing. 

Establishing Transparent Agreements for Utility Expenses 

They say honesty is the best policy, and it’s the truth. Getting agreements in writing from all parties involved is the best way to avoid many of these situations, that way if a utility company or your landlord comes knocking wondering where their payments are, everyone can show proof that “x” person or people agreed to pay a specific amount, and that everyone has transferred their money over already on the agreed date. This way everyone is in the clear and there’s no confusion. Transparency means there’s no hidden problems that can appear later down the line and catch you all out.  

Legal and Ethical Considerations in Dividing Utility Costs Among Tenants 

Money can cause major issues, amongst colleagues, friends, family and in this case, potentially housemates. If one person is the one responsible for paying all the bills, this means there could possibly be situations in which bills aren’t being paid properly, or on time. Of course, no-one wants these situations, but it can arise, especially if you’re dealing with people you don’t know well. Make sure you have open and honest conversations with your housemates as well as your utility companies so there’s no way issues can arise.  

Achieving Fairness and Harmony in Shared Living Spaces with The Student Energy Group 

The Student Energy Group take’s all of the hard work, spreadsheets and uncomfortable conversations out of bill sharing and let’s you and your housemates focus on what’s important. The Student Energy Group allows for student bill splitting in whatever denomination you see fit, and our student bill packages can bundle whichever combination of Water, Electricity, Gas, Internet and Television you need.  

Everyone in your house only must focus on their own share, and nobody gets punished if somebody else hasn’t paid. Everyone is responsible for their own payment, making it easier to stop worrying about bills.  

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