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It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you’ll receive a personal login that allows you to invite your friends, and then everyone gets their own so they can login and see exactly how the bills are split and what everyone’s share is, giving everyone total transparency and clarity.

All you have to do is pay your own share. No-one else gets punished if someone doesn’t pay, giving you peace of mind (and a lot fewer headaches).

Making Use Of Student Packages

Certain properties and landlords will sometimes have different utilities factored in to your overall rent, so you can pick and choose which utilities you bundle to make it as simple and hassle free as possible.

Student Packages

What Can I Bundle?

Everything! (almost) Internet, electricity, gas, water and even your TV Licence. No matter what your utilities are, we’ll help you bundle them.

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Ways to implement student bill splitting

Depending on who’s in your household, there are several ways to split your bills fairly. The most common way is to just split it evenly between everyone.

This way there’s no hassle, no headaches and no confusion as everybody pays the same amount and doesn’t have to spend hours (or days) working out individual usage and percentages.

The other way is exactly that, everybody figures out their individual usage, exactly how much they do and expect to use over the month and then pays their fare share. This can be better in households where there are huge differences between the amount of utilities certain people use.

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Our pledges to create a better future for our world

To plant one tree

for every property that signs up to us.

To strive to reach

100% green energy status.

To be open and transparent

about our actions, and honest about who we are and what we do.

We pledge to provide

support, advice, and tips, to ensure you are the greenest version of yourself.

We pledge to do everything

in our power to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

We are proud to support

With Future Forest, we plant a tree for every household who signs up.

The Future Forest Company are careful about what kind of trees they plant and where they plant them, ensuring a real long-term solution for our planet.

We love working with WWF, supporting their conservation work.

We have raised £5000 to contribute toward their global conservation projects including their elephant project in Kenya.

SIFA Fireside are a Birmingham based charity helping people recover from the effects of homelessness.

We have paid for 12 months of their electricity to ensure those in need can access their services.

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