A Guide To Setting Up Student Bills 

1 min read • February 14 2024

The Importance Of Understanding And Managing Student Bills 

Living on your own can be a daunting experience, especially when you’ve only had to deal with fairly straightforward outgoings such as streaming subscriptions or phone bills. Understanding things like council tax, rent, insurance, and water bills can put a dampener on your first real step into the real world, so it’s important to understand exactly what you need to pay, and how to make sure it’s done on time.  

What Bills Do Students Have To Pay 

What you have to pay often depends on the arrangement you have with your property manager or landlord. Most properties will require you to pay your own electricity or gas, depending on which energy your building uses, internet and phoneline, water and things like your TV Licence if you use one. Subscription services like Netflix, Spotify or other media platforms will be paid for individually unless using a family style subscription that offers the whole household access. If you own a vehicle, you’ll also have to pay for things like fuel, insurance, MOT’s, road tax and repairs, so be sure to factor this into your budget.  

Deciding How You’ll Pay 

It’s generally much easier and more efficient to have all of your bills come out at the beginning of the month, or as close to the same date as possible, especially if you have an income coming in on a specific date. If you have a job or income that pays weekly and means you’re unable to pay all in one go, try and make sure your bills are paid on the same day every week or month, so you know you’ve paid them and don’t have to worry about a letter or phone call from your provider wondering where their money is.  

Calculating Your Monthly Rent 

Some properties will charge by the week and others will charge by the month. If your property charges by the week but you want to find out how much it costs monthly, times your weekly figure by 52 (weeks in a year) and then divide it by 12 (months) to get your total. You can add this figure to your monthly budget to get an idea of what your overall expenses will be every month.  

How Much Should Student Bills Be A Month? 

Generally the more people in your household, the less your overall bills will be as the cost is split across more people, making it much easier to save money. In an average student household in the UK the amount students pay for rent is £535 per month, however this will differ depending what city you’re in (for instance, London will be more expensive than Manchester). Thankfully, students don’t have to pay Council Tax if their course lasts for at least one year or more and covers at least 21 hours of studying every week. If you’re only studying your course part-time, you may still be entitled to a reduction. This can help reduce overall rental costs during your studying. 

Streamlining Bill Payments With Automatic Transfers 

Having to individually and manually pay all your bills at various dates through the month can make life pretty miserable, and take up a lot of brain power you could be using to learn, grow and most importantly, enjoy yourself. By using the power of technology to have all of your bills come out of a specific account, on a specific date every month, you free yourself up to have more time and energy, as well as greatly reducing the chance of additional debts or unpaid bills piling up on your doorstep and making life difficult. Most banking apps allow you to set these up automatically, or you can ask your provider to set it up for you on a date that works best for you.  

Combine All Your Bills In One With The Student Energy Group 

As a trusted student bills company, The Student Energy Group takes all of the work out of student bills and lets you focus on what’s important without all the usual arguments with housemates and utility companies over unpaid bills and missed deadlines. Our student bill packages combine all of your household bills including internet, electricity, gas and even your TV Licence, everyone only has to pay one single payment, and isn’t left responsible when someone else hasn’t paid their share.  

All-inclusive bills for students can save you and your housemates time (and money), but every time somebody signs up, we’ll plant a tree! This way you can help us, save the earth, all whilst making life easier.  

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