A Guide To Student Broadband

1 min read • March 19 2024

Getting stable, reliable and fast broadband in your student accommodation is essential for modern living. From streaming movies and TV shows, listening to your favourite artists and of course, studying, good broadband is the key to a good time as a student. If you’re confused as to where you need to start, here’s our little guide to student broadband.

What Is Student Broadband?

Student broadband is similar to normal broadband, except it has benefits for students that may not benefit regular users. Most broadband contracts have long term timeframes, such as two years which may not benefit students and households with lots of different tenants coming and going on short stays. Student broadband has an unlimited data allowance with no usage caps. Contracts usually last around 12 months and offer specific discounts tailored for students, bundled services and flexible contracts.

What Kind Of Broadband Do I Need?

Different broadband speeds are better for different people. For daily use, light reading, emails and social media, most people only need up to 15mbps. For high-definition streaming, and frequent use, it’s best to look around 100mpbs. If you’re planning on using ultra high-definition streaming across a variety of devices at the same time, large downloads and video calls, upwards of 100mpbs is usually necessary. Of course, matching your needs with your budget is also important, as you don’t want to be paying expensive bills for fast speeds you don’t really need.

Comparing Student Broadband Speeds

If you were to download an average length movie in standard definition, on a 15mpbs connection it would take you around 10 to 15 minutes providing there were no interruptions. If you were to download the same movie on a 1GB connection it would be completed in around 9 seconds. In terms of download speeds these are huge differences, so it’s important to compare different companies and what they offer within your budget so you can get the right one for you. Once you’ve signed up for your broadband and your contract has begun, you’re usually given a two week or so grace period where you’re able to cancel without any consequences or fees, but after this, you may be charged hundreds in fees and penalties for cancelling early, so ensure you’ve picked the right speed and contract for your needs.

How Do I Set Up My Student Broadband?

Once you’ve signed up for your broadband contract and dealt with the payment side, you will usually have an engineer come to your property if there hasn’t already been a connection from the same provider at that location. You will usually be given equipment (router and anything else you need) to set up in your home and a Wi-Fi code for you and your housemates to connect with. Most connections are live within a few days of your contract beginning so you can get started almost right away.

How Long Do I Sign Up For?

Longer contracts generally offer lower prices because the provider is guaranteed your business for longer. However, the contract has to work for you. It’s worth balancing a low price with a realistic time frame, as you don’t want to be left paying for your broadband after you’ve left, but also don’t want to be without it whilst you’re still staying in your accommodation.

Can I Bundle My Student Broadband?

The Student Energy Group allows you to bundle your Internet, Water, Energy, TV Licence and more into one single monthly payment, taking the hassle out of bill paying. One single monthly payment, one date and one bill every month.

Bills for Students Made Simple With The Student Energy Group

Trying to figure out which bills cost what, when they’re due and who owes what can really drain the fun out of being a student. It can also make life incredibly difficult for you and your housemates and cause potential arguments over money. With the student energy group, we make sure everyone only has to pay their own share and is only responsible for their own bills, this way if someone can’t pay on time, no-one else has to take responsibility. 

For peace of mind, less hassle and more time to focus on what’s important, let us do the hard work for you. Explore our student bill splitting options today! 

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