What Questions Should I ask My University Bill Splitting Provider

1 min read • May 30 2024

University is one of the most important parts of the education process as it’s often the final step in dictating where you and your career are heading in life. It’s also where many people find themselves, and the last thing you want is to be spending sleepless nights stressing about unpaid bills and aggressive letters over missed payments. Using a bill splitting provider can save hours of drama, stress and even fights with your new housemates, but it’s important to lay the groundwork first. Getting all the information early means you can focus on what’s important for you and your fellow housemates and leave all the hard work to the professionals.

What Bills Can I Split?

Knowing what you can and can’t split means there’s no bills left unpaid accidentally and all the important stuff is paid on time.

What If Someone Doesn’t Pay?

Most companies will have different ways of dealing with unpaid shares. For instance, here at TSEG, if one person out of four doesn’t pay their share on time, no-one else is responsible, which makes it easier for everyone else and causes a lot less problems.

What Fees Are Involved?

Some companies may charge a set up fee, others may have a early cancellation fees after your cooling off period. It’s important to know what these fees are and how they work up front.

How Do I Pay My Share?

Knowing whether you need to actively make a card payment or if it can be taken as an automatic Direct Debit is important. It’s also important to know whether you should make your payments weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Is Your Service Customisable or One Size Fits All?

Are you able to just include two bills into your package or is it just a set amount? Understanding this early on can save a lot of hassle and money as you may be paying a bill separately that you could actually include. This also means there’s no confusion between housemates and everyone is on the same page.

What Perks Do You Provide?

Many providers will offer certain sign-up perks, bonuses, discounts or other exciting offers to encourage people to try their services. This could be in the form of affiliations with other brands (cinemas, restaurants, shops) or even environmental benefits. At TSEG we plant a tree for every single sign up to help you save money, and keep the earth green!

What If Someone Moves Out?

Understanding the steps that need to be taken when one housemate decides to leave can save a lot of falling out. No-one wants to be left paying for someone else’s bills, so knowing the process to remove one or more people from your provider should be information everyone in your household has access to. Likewise, if you bring in another housemate and need to split the bills even further, you want this to be a simple process.

Do You Have An App or Online Portal?

The days of long wait times and piles of paper letters should be long behind us all. Having access to a simple online portal that allows you to control everything you need can make life even easier. Check in with your provider before you sign up to find out if they do and how to access it.

How Long Does It Take To Sign Up?

No-one has time to wait on the phone for hours in the hopes of speaking to a human. Finding out if your bills can be split in minutes can save you a lot of important time.

Take The Hassle Out Of Bill Payments With The Student Energy Group

The Student Energy Group makes life easier for students by allowing you and all of your housemates to combine almost all of your monthly utilities into one simple easy payment, that allows everyone involved to pay their share by bill splitting without having to figure out frustrating percentages and behind stuck in uncomfortable conversations. Everybody just pays their own payment and that’s that, if someone still owes there share, no-one else on the contract gets punished and no-one has to pay any extra. To keep things simple, let us do all the hard work for you. Plus, we’ll even plant a tree for every single sign up!

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