The Renters Reform Act - A Student's Guide 

1 min read • November 16 2023

Renting somewhere to live can be a massive step for many students, and understanding rights and responsibilities are crucial. If you’ve heard whispers about the Renters Reform Act and are wondering what it means for you, you’re in the right place. Here at The Student Energy Group, we’ve composed a simple guide to help you get your head around everything you need to know regarding the RRA. 

What is the Renters Reform Act?

The Renters Reform Act, often referred to as “RRA,” is a piece of legislation that aims to reform and improve the renting process for tenants. It’s designed to ensure fair and safe housing conditions, protect tenants’ rights, and make renting more transparent and efficient. Here are some key points students need to know:

Security Deposits

The RRA places specific regulations on how security deposits are handled. Landlords must now provide written notice and itemised receipts for any deductions from your security deposit. This is excellent news for students, as it increases transparency and accountability.

Eviction Protections

The RRA also introduces certain protections for tenants, making it more challenging for landlords to evict you without just cause. This means you can’t be evicted on a whim, giving you more stability in your housing situation.

Repairs and Maintenance

The Act reinforces your right to a safe and habitable living space. Landlords are now legally obliged to make necessary repairs within a reasonable timeframe. If they don’t, you may be able to withhold rent or make the repairs yourself and deduct the costs from your rent.

Rent Increases

The RRA may also affect how and when your rent can be increased. It usually limits the frequency and amount of rent increases, which can help you budget more effectively.

Discrimination Protections

The Act prohibits landlords from discriminating against tenants based on factors like race, religion, gender, or disability. This means you have the right to equal treatment and cannot be denied housing due to unfair bias.

Lease Renewals

The Act may also include provisions regarding lease renewals. It might require landlords to give you ample notice if they don’t intend to renew your lease or if they want to make significant changes to it.

Landlord Entry

The RRA might outline rules for when landlords can enter your rented space. It’s designed to protect your privacy and ensure that your landlord doesn’t barge in without proper notice.

Tenant Associations

In some cases, the Act may empower tenants to form associations or groups to negotiate with their landlords collectively. This can be particularly helpful for students living in larger apartment complexes.

How to Stay Informed and Advocate for Your Rights

As a student, it’s vital to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. You can start by reviewing your lease agreement and understanding the terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your landlord for clarification.

Moreover, local and state laws can vary, so it’s essential to stay informed about the specific regulations in your area. You can contact local tenants’ associations or legal aid organisations for guidance and resources.

If you believe your rights are being violated, document the issue and consider seeking legal advice. Remember that understanding the Renters Reform Act and your local tenant protections is a powerful tool to ensure a safe and comfortable living situation during your time as a student.

Renters Reform Act Updates 

A coalition of 30 charities and non-profit organisations is urging Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to pass the Renters Reform Bill, which aims to prohibit “no-fault” evictions in England by removing landlords’ ability to evict tenants without cause. Concerns are being raised about potential delays in implementing the bill, leading to increased hardships and higher costs for taxpayers. Despite the government’s four-year-old pledge to provide a “better deal for renters,” the bill, introduced in May, has not progressed to the next parliamentary stage, raising concerns about its passage before the upcoming election. The government has committed to enhancing the private rental sector’s fairness through the Renters Reform Bill, which is anticipated to undergo its second reading in Parliament soon.

The Renters Reform Act is designed to protect tenants and ensure fair housing practices. Knowing your rights under this legislation and staying informed about local regulations is key to a positive renting experience as a student. Don’t hesitate to seek help or legal advice if you encounter issues or have questions about your rights. Happy renting!

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