Taking Action For Our World: Our Support Of WWF

1 min read • January 18 2023

Our wonderful world is filled with a variety of beautiful species. Each and every one plays an important role within Earth’s ecosystem. Many face danger and the threat of extinction.

The Student Energy Group are supporting WWF’s conservation mission to protect the biodiversity that makes our planet so amazing!

WWF are working on hundreds of projects all around the globe, from Wales, to Africa, to Antarctica! The funds we’ve raised could, for example, help a project in

Kenya that aims to reduce human-wildlife conflict. Elephant habitats have been drastically reduced. This has led to herds wandering into farmland to eat crops. Farmer’s attack the elephants to defend their source of food and income.

You might have heard that elephants are scared of mice but you might not know that they’re also not the biggest fan of bees!

WWF is trying to solve this conflict by teaching local communities to start beehive colonies around the edge of their farmland to prevent the magnificent creatures from endangering themselves, and to ensure both humans and animals can co-exist peacefully.

The Student Energy Group £5,000 donation could go towards funding this project:

  • £200 could pay for 4 beehives in 4 priority conservation areas
  • £1,000 could pay to fit satellite collars to 4 elephants to monitor movements and help reduce human-wildlife conflict
  • £3,800 could pay for WWF to facilitate training on beekeeping for local communities (3 training sessions for up to 100 people)

There’s a lot of ways you and your uni can get involved too! Participate in a challenge. Fundraise. Take action. You can find all the resources you’ll need on WWF’s university page.

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