About us

The Student Energy Group Ltd (“the Student Energy Group”) is a company incorporated in England with company number 13543923 and which has its registered office at 4th Floor, Regent House, 50 Frederick Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, B1 3HR. Its registered VAT number is 388 7680 25.

Definitions and Interpretation

In this contract, except to the extent that the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

AgentThe agents including, but not limited to, meter readers, water suppliers, and broadband engineers, appointed by Us to assist with the facilitation of the Services
Tenants/You/YourThe Tenants who reside at the Property
Act of GodAny event of force majeure including, but not limited to, explosions, war or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, actions of the armed forces or government agencies pursuant to war, terrorism or threats thereof, fire, flood, adverse weather conditions, labour disputes, strikes, lockouts or other industrial actions irrespective of where such events occur, shortage of materials or services, detention or holding of goods by any customs authorities or any national or international airworthiness authority, riots or civil commotion, sabotage, earthquakes and natural disasters, acts, omissions, restrictions, regulations, prohibitions or measures of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority
Us/Our/WeThe Student Energy Group Ltd
FeesThe amount payable by You for or relating to the Services
Minimum termIs the minimum period that each Service at the Property will be provided
PropertyThe address where We provide the Services
ServicesThe bill management Services to be provided by Us to You
SupplierAny of Our third party Suppliers which We may use to supply any of the Services to You


These Terms form a legally binding contract between you and us and set out the basis upon which we will provide the Services to you.

We will also ask you to agree to additional terms if you take on the Energy Service.

Where there is more than one Tenant at the Property any Tenant can agree to additional terms or changes to this Contract on behalf of the other Tenants. We will inform all Tenants of any agreed changes.

We agree to provide Services to You as requested, subject to the Minimum Term, starting from the requested Start Date of Your contract. We will make every endeavour to start Your Services on the date requested but this may take longer if We are prevented from starting Your Services due to external factors.

In the case that Services continue past the end of the Minimum Term Services may change to Out of Contract rates which we will inform you of at least 28 days prior to the end of the Minimum Term.

All communications with you may be recorded for training and quality control purposes.

The laws of England and Wales or Scotland apply to this contract, depending on where your Property is, and any disputes will be settled in the courts of England and Wales or Scotland (as applicable).

You cannot transfer any of Your rights or responsibilities under this contract to another person without Our written permission. We can transfer all or any part of this contract without Your permission.

This contract shall not confer any benefit on a third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

We may, without notice and at any time, set off any liability of You to Us against any liability of Us to You, whether either liability is liquidated or not, present or future, or arises under this contract or otherwise. Any exercise by Us of Our rights under this paragraph will not limit or affect any other rights or remedies available to Us under this contract or otherwise.

If a court or other authority tells us a part of this contract is not valid, the rest of the contract will not be affected.

This contract is considered active when all Tenants of the Property accept to these Terms and We accept the Order. These terms will not be binding on You or Us unless both parties have accepted the Order.

We will email you confirmation once the Order has been accepted, at which point these Terms will become binding. If any Services cannot be provided We will let you know as soon as we become aware and adjust your Order as applicable. One or more Services being removed from this contract affects only the Services being removed.

We may change this contract at any time but We will let you know in writing if We make a change in advance at least 28 days prior to the change taking effect.

We may appoint Suppliers to assist in our provisioning You with Services and thus with the performance of Our obligations under this contract.


You agree We may use Your personal data to provide the Services and in accordance with Our Privacy Policy.

You may contact us via email at hello@thestudentenergygroup.com

We will contact You primarily on the email address provided when You agreed to this contract. If this email address changes You must make Us aware as soon as possible.


You have the right to cancel any Order for Services within 14 days of the Order being placed. To cancel, email Us at hello@thestudentenergygroup.com as soon as possible. We will confirm Your cancellation via email.

Outside of this We require 30 days notice of any cancellation including when Your tenancy ends, regardless of whether the other Tenants are remaining at the Property.

Upon cancellation You will be required to pay for Services which remain under provision by Us until transfer.

We retain the right to cancel Your Order prior to commencement of Your Services if We are not able to provide Our Services to Your Property for any reason.

We may also cancel this contract or any Service if, and not limited to:

  • We suspect You are in breach of this contract if material or, if not material, You do not remedy any breach withing 14 days of Us informing You of such a breach
  • We are required to do so by a regulatory authority
  • We have given You at minimum 30 days notice and it is outside of the Minimum Term

You may cancel this contract or any Service if:

  • We have told You about an upcoming significant change to the Services and/or Terms which you do not agree to
  • We have told You about an error in the price of description of the Services and You do not wish to proceed
  • You have a legal right to end the contract because of something We have done wrong

In the case of any cancellation, We request any equipment We have sent to be returned in the original packaging and will refund any payment You have made in advance for the cancelled Services if applicable. If this contract has ended due to breach on Your part You will be liable for any cancellation fees.

When some, but not all, Tenants leave their Tenancy and some Tenants on this contract remain We reserve the right to increase the price the remaining Tenants pay monthly to cover the cost until any additional Tenants are added to this contract. We will email all Tenants on this contract prior to making any change.


Your price per person per week is as quoted. This figure will be multiplied by 52 and divided by 12 to get Your monthly payment notice cost. Your payment notice will be charged monthly in advance.

Your payment notice is estimated based on what We reasonably expect Your consumption to be at Your property. This is subject to change as per Your consumption. You agree We can collect this fee as part of and, by adjusting, your payment notice. We will settle your account at least once a year to bring You up to date, reconciling Your issued payment notices with Your actual consumption at Your Property.

You may request a reconciliation at any point during Your contract, which We will complete within 30 days of Your request.


We reserve the right to charge You a deposit equal to the cost of one month’s payment notice. We will inform You if this is applicable to You during the sign-up process and confirm this in writing in Your confirmation email. This will be returned at the end of your contract as part of your reconciliation.

Sign-Up Fee

We reserve the right to charge You a non-refundable sign-up fee for use of Our Services payable in advance of the Minimum Term of Your contract. We will inform You if this is applicable to You during the sign-up process and confirm this in writing in Your confirmation email. The cost of this will be confirmed prior to Your sign-up. The sign-up fee is not refundable in the event Your account is cancelled outside of the cooling off period.


Your energy will be reconciled at the end of Your contract using Your meter reads to charge You accurately according to Your consumption. The tariff pricing for this can be confirmed by any Tenant on this contract. We will send this pricing to all Tenants via email once agreed with at least one Tenant, allowing for a 14 day cooling off period before the pricing is confirmed.


We will pass on the water charges as per the bills from Your water supplier. You also agree to pay Us a management fee to manage Your water bills for Your Property.


We will pass on the broadband charges as calculated. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Activation costs
  • Line rental
  • Cease charges
TV licence

We will pass on the cost of a TV licence as purchased from the TV licensing authority on behalf of the British Broadcasting Corporation. You also agree to pay Us a management fee to manage Your TV Licence for Your Property.

Additional Fees

We will also charge additional fees including, but not limited to:

  • Cancellation charges
  • Unreturned equipment charges
  • Missed appointment charges
  • Late Payment charges
  • Debt Collection charges

These will be charged as per Our agreed pricing.


You agree to pay us the agreed Fees for providing Our Services and any other Fees under this contract. These are to be paid in British Pounds Sterling inclusive of VAT from the Start Date for each Service and paid via continuous payment authority. You must keep your registered debit or credit card up to date and let Us know immediately of any issues.

All Tenants who have signed up are responsible for paying as per this contract. If any Tenant disputes Fees We must be informed immediately. We will expect payment for any Fees not under dispute by the due date for the respective payment notice.

You agree to pay any outstanding charges you owe us under any previous contracts with us, or charges you owe your old supplier that are transferred to us, together with any reasonable administration charge that we tell you about.

If You are having difficulty making payment let Us know as soon as possible. We may be able to help but only if You let Us know You are struggling.

If You fail to pay any fees We reserve the right to take credit control action including, but not limited to, suspending your Services where applicable by law.

Events outside our control

We aim to provide You with disruption free Services but understand this may not be possible. We require You to inform Us of any faults via email as soon as possible so we can take reasonable steps to resolve any issues.

In the event of Us or one of Our Suppliers needing to suspend provision of Services for operational or technical reasons We will inform You in advance as soon as possible prior to the work commencing. We will do anything We reasonably can to minimise the impact of this on You.

We can not be held liable for disruption to Services because of any Act of God.


We are only liable to You as set out in this contract . We have no other duty or liability to You except for those imposed by law.

We accept full legal responsibility if We or Our Agents cause somebody to be killed or injured) because of negligence or Us acting fraudulently.

If You suffer any loss or damages Our responsibility to You will be limited to:

  • Five thousand pounds (£5,000) for the event which caused Your damages if due to Our actions
  • The amount We are entitled to recover from Our Agents on Your behalf if due to Our Agents actions.

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage which, when we entered into this contract with You, We would not have reasonably expected would happen if We or Our Agents did not follow these terms.

Each paragraph of this section applies separately and will continue to apply even after this contract has ended. If a court or other authority tells us we cannot rely on a certain paragraph, the other paragraphs will still apply.

Energy terms

You agree to abide by the additional Energy terms and conditions once confirmed.

It can take up to 28 days for Your energy to transfer to Us once requested.

Water terms

You authorise Us to act on Your behalf in all dealings with the Water Supplier in connection with the Water Service, and in particular consent to the Water Supplier providing Us access to, and transferring to Us, any personal data of Yours (and other relevant information) to allow Us to connect You to, and for Us to provide You with, the Water Service.

We will contact the Water Supplier and use all reasonable endeavors to open an account with the relevant Water Supplier from the Service Start Date.

You agree to comply with the standard terms and conditions of the applicable water Supplier.

If there is a Meter You agree to provide Us or the Water Supplier with regular readings as requested.

Broadband terms

We will be relying on third party telecommunications suppliers and Our ability to provide You with the Broadband and/or Telephone Services is, in part, reliant on them.

We or Our Preferred Carrier will send an engineer to repair a fault if necessary. Where this happens and the fault is not due to a genuine fault with the equipment or network We will pass on any charges as We Incur.

We will try to give the maximum download transmission speed that You sign up for but cannot necessarily guarantee this. We will try and provision the fastest possible transmission speed on Your communications Line but this is determined by several factors outside our control

To receive broadband the Premise needs a Communications Line capable of receiving and transmitting Broadband Services either already existing at the Premise or provided by Us as part of the Services outlined in this Agreement. Before the commencement of the Broadband Service We will test whether the Premises or, where there is more than one, any of the Premises does or is capable of operating the Broadband Service.


We will provide You with the Equipment, including a wireless router, cable, and filter under lease for as long as You continue to receive the Service under this contract.

You will be responsible for installing the Equipment which will be sent to You at Your offices or to the Premises unless You notify Us differently. You will comply fully with all reasonable instructions and advice from Us in relation to the installation of the Equipment.

At the end of Your contract You must return any leased Equipment to Us within 14 days. We reserve the right to apply equipment charges for any equipment not returned.

TV Licence terms

We agree to purchase a TV Licence annually for Your Property.

It is a condition of every TV Licence that You must be able to produce Your TV Licence number for inspection by a TV Licensing officer. You must therefore ensure that You keep the TV Licence number accessible. We will inform You of the TV Licence number.

You acknowledge that it is Your responsibility to ensure Your Property is fully licensed whether by this contract or not.

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