Our Student Guide to The Great Trip Home

1 min read • December 4 2023

It’s time to leave uni but there’s a few things you need to remember before you go! Here is our student guide to The Great Trip Home. We will cover what you need to know.

Ticket to Home Sweet Home

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The key to a smooth trip home is pre-planned travel. Follow these steps to a (hopefully) flawless journey back.
*Make sure your tickets are booked in advance.
*Double check dates, times, and routes.
*Make sure you have a backup plan in case of strikes or delays

Pack like a Pro

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Knowing what to pack and what to leave behind can be tricky. Double check you’ve got the following items:
*Essential documents, including ID’s, passport etc.
*Gifts for family/friends.
*Enough clothes for your time away, including everyday outfit, warm layers and sleepwear.
*Toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap etc.
*Laptop, chargers, headphones and any other electronics.
*Health essentials, including any medications you take, and basic medicines for colds and headaches

Clean Before You Go

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You don’t want to come back to moldy food! Avoid that gross welcome and follow these steps:
*Clear out your fridge and throw out any perishables.
*Tidy your room, strip your bedsheets, and clean out your bedroom bin.
*Clean any shared spaces, disinfect surfaces and ensure all food is stored away.

Keep Track of Your Energy


One last thing! Take your meter readings and give them to your provider. Here’s why:
*Recording your meter readings will help you avoid overpaying for energy later.
*Keeping track allows you to budget and plan with accuracy and confidence.
*It helps you and your energy provider have a clear visual of the energy being used.

Now with everything in hand, sit back, relax and get ready for The Great Trip Home.

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