Money-Saving Tips for Uni Students

1 min read • October 5 2023

Penny pinching isn’t a bad thing. Make your student loan stretch with these money-saving tips for uni students!


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Grab Those Freebies!

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Downtime doesn’t have to be expensive. A campus event is going to be cheaper than hitting the club in town. Try exploring free locations such as parks and museums, and definitely make the most out of discounts at cinemas, concerts and theatre performances. If in doubt, ask if they do special offers! You won’t be a student forever, so grab those freebies whilst you can!

E-Learning is Free Learning

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Physical books can come with a pretty hefty price. Not to worry. There are plenty of online resources where you can find reading materials for your uni course. Digital libraries, free access lectures notes, and educational videos will serve you just as well, without putting a dent in your budget!

Save When You Share

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Sharing is caring. It’s also the key to saving. If you live off campus, try to see if you can car share with other commuting students. The same journey, half the cost! Living with housemates? Pitch together to cover bills, and cook batch meals together to cut down food costs! Every student is in the same boat. Saving together will help you stay afloat.

Reduce What You Use

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More reduction means less deduction from your savings! It’s time to unplug your unused devices and turn off the lights during the day. You can also reduce your energy bills by taking shorter showers and only heating the rooms you need to. It’s great for your pocket and for the planet!

Plan Your Food Prep

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Good shopping habits are essential. It can be the difference between make or break. Without them you might find yourself purchasing food way more often than you need to if you don’t get the right ingredients or enough of them. Write a list of meals that you want to make, jot down the necessary items, and try and stick to it.

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Article written by Rose Marie Drabble

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