Meet Bill: The Silent Bundle Of Energy

1 min read • June 17 2024

Meet Bill; the silent bundle of energy that saves you energy. He isn’t just the unusual face of The Student Energy group – he knows a thing or two about bills. Sure, he might clog up your shower, but that’s easily forgiven as he helps students with an easier way of sorting their utilities out. Far from an office keyboard warrior, Bill has been making waves on his recent tour from May 2024 to early June. Join us as we dive into Bill’s adventures from Birmingham to Brighton, Newcastle, Bristol, and Leeds!

Bill waving a big hello to the world!

Bill’s Birmingham Buzz

Bill’s big tour kicked off in Birmingham bullring in true style! He brought along The Student Energy Group’s shiny new juice van to gift the public with tasty and freshly squeezed fruit smoothies. The vehicle’s once dull blue surface has been splashed with a familiar green. The weather may have been overcast that day, but between Bill, the delicious treats, and the stand out van, the crowds soon arrived to get a piece of all the action!

Bill with his shiny new juice van and two team members from our event team!

Better Bills For A Better Future

Bill isn’t exactly a big talker, but he does care a lot about your thoughts on how better bills can lead to a better future. While in Birmingham, he had our illustrator capture your ideas on what life would look like with bills sorted. Some of the top answers included no more arguments with housemates, more time for the things you love, and peace of mind! The good news is that The Student Energy Group already makes this way of life possible.

Bill gives a big, green thumbs up to your answers!

Bill’s Brighton Band

Bill’s next tour stop took him to the colourful and creative city of Brighton. The juice van wasn’t far behind, filled with a fresh batch of smoothies! But we couldn’t just leave it there. This city is a place of freedom and self-expression, where you can shout loud and proud about the things you care about, and Bill is no exception. The Student Energy Group’s big green guy took to the streets with a marching band and vibed whilst protestors chanted for fair bills!

Bill stands for fair bills!

Bill’s Green Trike!

Bill traded in four wheels for three when he arrived on Newcastle’s campus. In line with The Student Energy Group’s commitment to planting one tree for every household that signs up, Bill’s trike was filled with potted plants and seeds for students to take home, adding a touch of green to their student digs and nurturing nature in their own spaces.

Some smiling Newcastle students learning how The Student Energy Group can help them sort their bills.

Bill’s Journey: A Green Success

Bill’s last stops took him to Bristol, then outside Leed’s University student union, where he oversaw more free juice giveaways. Overall, Bill had a fantastic time sharing The Student Energy Group’s innovative utility bill service. If you’re interested in setting up stress-free bills and saving time that would otherwise be spent chasing multiple companies, then The Student Energy Group might just be what you’re looking for. Head to our ‘how it works’ page to find out more:

Watch this space for more Bill related updates!

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