Low-Budget Valentines Day Ideas For Students

1 min read • February 7 2024

Valentines Day is almost here. If you’re wondering how to celebrate without compromising your student budget, here are a few cute and low-cost ideas that your partner is sure to love.

A Campus Picnic

Low-Budget Valentines Day Ideas For Students

For the perfect location, look no further than your university campus. Spend the day together in a familiar place without the added pressure of a fancy setting. There’s no need to fork out on an expensive restaurant bill. Instead, bring along a basket packed full of each other’s favourite snacks and portable activities such as cards. For an extra personal touch, why not write each other personal notes?

A Personalized Playlist

Low-budget valentines day ideas for students

Personalized playlists have and always will be romantic. They also happen to be super easy and inexpensive to make. This is your chance to show how well you know your person. Think about the experiences you’ve had together so far, as well as the sort of music that makes their heart sing. Then when the time comes, share the moment and listen together. As the notes wash over the both of you, use the time to reflect on your past and the future.

A Movie Night In

person holding remote pointing at TV

Why should a movie date have to be pricy? There’s no need to go out to the cinema when you can bring the cinema indoors. Create a cozy atmosphere by dimming the lights and laying out blankets and pillows. Add some magic to the evening by selecting a few of your partner’s favourite films and make a big bowl of sharing popcorn. No talking, getting kicked in the back by somebody’s toddler, or having food thrown at you. Just the two of you and a relaxing evening ahead.

A D.I.Y Photo Album

photos on white wooden table

Here’s another thoughtful idea for the creatives at heart. A hand-made photo album may not be the world’s most expensive gift but it is one-hundred-percent irreplaceable. Creating one won’t cost much. All you’ll need is some glue, a scrapbook, printed photos of you and your partner, and decorations of your choice such as washi tape and stickers. You can handwrite on each page, perfectly capturing those shared memories and how much they mean to you.

An Art Gallery or Museum Trip

man and woman looking at woman's painting

Not sure what to chat about during your date? Let the paintings and the artifacts do the talking for you. Spend some quality time together, walking through the wonderful world of art and history. The best part yet? Most museums and art galleries are free or they offer a student discount! Do a quick search to see what’s in your area. You get to have a lovely, romantic date without breaking the bank.

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