How to Save Money on Entertainment as a Student

1 min read • June 5 2024

Student life is so much more than going to lectures and getting work done, it’s about making memories and having fun too. Life is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of your time. In this blog, we’ve broken down the ways to save money on entertainment as a student.

Using Student Discounts

Student discounts are a great money saver when budgets are tight. There are many apps like Unidays and Student Beans which are full of offers that you can use across the entertainment sector. Sometimes simply showing your student ID in a shop is enough to receive a student discount if it’s available. It’s easy to forget that this perk exists, so it’s good to use it when you have the opportunity.

Streaming Services

If you’re a film fanatic, it’s good to find a streaming service you like, especially if you can get a good deal on it. One way to save money on streaming services is to take advantage of free trials. Another option is to look out for streaming services which have student discount like Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium.

  • Amazon Prime: After your six-month free trial has finished, it’ll cost you £4.49 a month. This is 50% off the normal price. As well as the streaming service, you’ll also be able to get free and fast delivery on a number of products on Amazon. There are also other benefits that come with this too like other shopping deals and online photo storage.
  • YouTube Premium: This one’s technically more of a video sharing platform, but many people use it as their main place to watch content. You can get a one-month free trial and then it’ll cost £7.99 a month to enjoy YouTube premium as a student. Usually this costs £12.99 so you’ll be saving £5 with this deal. Paying for this comes with many benefits like watching content without adverts and downloading videos to watch offline.

Free or Affordable Experiences

When someone suggests going on a day out somewhere, it can be exciting, but also daunting when you don’t want to spend loads of money.

Having fun doesn’t always have to include spending money though. Going on walks in the countryside or taking a trip to the beach are two things you can do for free. In this case, if you’re planning to travel by car, and eat whilst you’re out, food and petrol can be factors that aren’t always cheap. A way to get around this is splitting these costs amongst you and your friends or buying meal deals which many food shops have available.

Lots of places also have student tickets, like cinemas and bowling alleys. For example, Cineworld have cheaper student tickets for many films. This is sometimes the case for annual events like firework nights and summer festivals too. When booking something, you may not be aware that there are student tickets available so it’s always good to check if it’s an option.

Deals on Shopping

Many shops offer student discount, one of the most common ones being 10% off. Some deals can be used online and in-store so it’s always good to check what’s available. For example, if you’re looking for some new clothes, you can get 10% off at Nike and ASOS.

Take advantage of deals like by one get one free and sales whenever you can find them too! At the end of seasons, many shops have sales to sell their products quickly, making way for new stock for the next season. For example, you may be able to get some clothes from a shop’s spring collection in the sale as summer starts.

This one isn’t a deal, but it will save you money. Many people shop at charity shops to support them, as well as finding bargains. If you haven’t gone into a charity shop before, you’ll be shocked at the low prices you’ll find if you do.

Socialising on a Budget

Many restaurants and bars will have offers like certain days where you can get a free dessert or buy one get one free on drinks. It’s good to note what days these deals are available so you can make the most of them. Always look out for which places offer student discount too.

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