How to Conserve Energy as a Student

1 min read • June 25 2024

With pressures rising to protect the environment, people are constantly thinking of ways that they can help. As a student, you can take part in this by doing small things which build up to create big differences. Some of this can be done from your own home! In this blog, we’ll look closer at ways that you can conserve energy as a student.

Being Energy-Efficient in your Student Accommodation

Paying attention to your lights is one of the big ways to be more energy-efficient in your home. On a sunny day, there’s no point in having the lights on when there’s enough natural light coming through the windows. It’s also easy to leave the lights on by accident when you leave the room, so becoming more conscious of doing this can save you energy. When switching bulbs, look for energy saving ones in the shop. LED bulbs are a good option for saving energy too so are good to invest in.

Although lights are a big factor, changes with the way you use water and electronic devices whilst at home can make a difference too. Let’s take a look…

Reducing Water and Energy

There are many ways to reduce the amount of water that you and your housemates are using, some which you may not have thought of before. Here are some of the ways you can save water around the house:

  • Have shorter showers. Or have them instead of a bath
  • Turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth
  • Do the washing up in one go
  • Only boil the water you need in the kettle
  • Replace taps that are leaking
  • Collect rainwater and use it for your plants. Using a watering can over a hose pipe can also save water
  • When you want cold water and you run the tap for a few seconds, this can waste water. Keep a large bottle of water in the fridge so you always have access to it without having to run the tap for a while first

If you have a water meter installed in your property, then you can see how much your household is using. Pay attention to this as you try to save water so you can see which methods are working.

Using Electronic Devices

There are more ways than you’d think to save energy when electrical devices are being used around the house. Here are some things you can start doing:

  • Unplug electrical devices when they aren’t being used. Devices can sometimes consume electricity unknowingly when plugged in
  • Consider using a smart plug. Not all of these are the same and they will come with different features. Common things you can do with one include: scheduling when they turn on or off, using your voice to control it, and tracking how much electricity you’re using. They’re super helpful at giving you more influence over conserving your energy.
  • Use solar panel devices where possible instead of electrical ones. For example, when charging your phone which is something people do often, you may use a solar charger instead
  • If you have heating controls in the house, turn them off altogether if not needed or keep them at a low temperature
  • If your computer is on standby, turn it off. If you’re not using it, it might as well be turned off altogether

Sustainable Transport

When going to campus, consider giving a lift to someone in your class, or a housemate who is heading there too. Car sharing can reduce the traffic on the road and in turn, cut down car emissions. Using public transport is another way to decrease the number of vehicles on the roads too. Parking can be a pain, but car sharing can make this process easier, and if you’re taking public transport, this isn’t something to worry about at all.

If there are e-scooters near to your accommodation, then this is also a good sustainable mode of transport when travelling to and from places. They’re easier to balance on than you would think if you haven’t used one before!

If you don’t have access to one of these, then cycling is also a good solution. Most campuses will have somewhere that you can leave your bike whilst you’re in a lecture, like a bike shed. If you’re heading somewhere else on your bike, then there are many places dotted around for people to leave them.

Sustainable Energy Splitting Solutions with The Student Energy Group

At The Student Energy Group, we’ll put all of your monthly statements into one. This includes internet, TV licence, water and energy which can then be split between you and your housemates with our uni bills packages. Doing this can avoid so many problems and make your life easier. If you sign up with us, we’ll make sure we plant a tree so you’re saving the environment at the same time! Get a quote from us today.

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