Flushing Money Away: Managing Your Student Water Bills

1 min read • March 19 2024

Do Students Pay Water Bills?

Water is an essential household utility, and may surprise you how costly it can be, especially if it’s used all day long by everyone in your household. Students must pay their share of the water bill, unless for any reason it’s already covered by your landlord or homeowner.

How Do You Pay Your Water Bill In The UK?

Water bills differ from other utilities such as power or internet bills in that every county is covered by one specific supplier. This means you’re unable to change supplier to save money, so the only way to reduce your cost is to reduce your usage. Depending on your building and landlord, you’ll either be on a water meter, which reads the amount of water you use and feeds this back to your supplier, or you’ll be on a standard tariff which is a set amount that you’ll pay no matter the amount you use. Depending on your supplier, you can either pay your water bill by bank transfer, online, a pre-arranged direct debit or over the phone with the company.

What’s the average price for my water bill?

The average water bill in the UK is around £500 per year which works out to around £40 per month. This differs greatly between households, based on the amount of people in the home and how much water they each use.

Simple methods to save on your water bill

Save water in the Kitchen

  • Do All The Washing Up In one go (if you can)

Instead of turning the tap on and off to do one plate or one cup, try and fill a washing up bowl with warm soapy water and get everything done in one go instead of just letting the tap run to clean a few items.

  • Make Teas and Coffees In One Go

Instead of filling the kettle up with fresh water every time you want a single cup of tea or coffee, try making everyone’s in one go, or if it’s just you, brew up a pot of coffee and use it for the rest of the day instead of making a new batch every time.

Save water in the Bathroom

  • Turn the tap off when not in use

When washing your hands or brushing your teeth, only run the tap when you need it instead of letting it run.

  • Take Shorter Showers

Although there’s nothing better than a hot shower to wake you up, it can add hundreds to your water bill every year. Try taking shorter showers and setting a time limit to keep you in check.

  • Shower Elsewhere When You Can

If you have a gym membership or your campus has showers, try using them when you can to reduce your own water usage at home.

  • Check For Leaks

Leaks can add huge amounts of money to your water bill every year. Ensuring your plumbing is leak free, effective and in good condition means you can keep your water bills as low as possible without any nasty surprises.

Save water everywhere else

  • Put Your Plants Outside

If you have indoor plants that need watering, put them outside when it’s raining to allow them to soak up rainwater instead of running the tap.

Save Money By Working Together

If everyone understands what they need to do, it’s much easier to stay consistent with your plans. Make sure everyone is following the rules, understanding the importance of saving money and working together as a household instead of fighting each other and making life unnecessarily difficult.

Combine all your utilities with The Student Energy Group

The Student Energy Group’s easy all in one student bill splitting system allows you to combine all of your utility costs and pay them in one simple payment without having to worry about budgeting, splitting costs and unnecessary arguments with housemates. Every housemate pays their own share and has no liability for anyone else’s payment (even if it’s late!).

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