Do I Need a TV Licence as a Student?

1 min read • April 25 2024

Do Students Need a TV Licence?

If you’re using a device to watch broadcast television channels, then yes you need a licence. This goes for recording live TV on a TV channel or service or using BBC iPlayer.

Regardless of if you’re a student or not, this applies to everyone. In shared accommodation where you have a joint tenancy, you’ll only need one licence. In halls, you have your own private accommodation, so you’d then need your own licence.

You don’t need one if:

  • You’re viewing videos on websites or on DVDs
  • Your using a streaming service that IS NOT BBC Iplayer (live broadcasts are an exception)

Sometimes it may be a good idea to bite the bullet and get one anyway as you never know when you might find yourself accidently breaking one of the rules. For example, you can watch YouTube without a licence, but if you’re caught watching a TV programme live on the streaming platform then you could be in trouble.

How Much is a Student TV Licence?

A TV licence is £169.50 a year. If this feels like a lot in one go, there’re options to pay every three months or monthly. There’re different discounts in place which may or may not be relevant to you:

  • If you live with someone who’s aged 75 and over, they can get a free TV licence so you may be able to use theirs
  • If you’re blind, you can get your licence for half price at £84.75

What Are the Benefits of Having a TV Licence?

First of all, you can make sure you’ll stay out of trouble and avoid fines. There’s a fine line between what you can and can’t do without a TV licence – it’s easy to get wrong – so having one can cover you. Having a licence means that you can enjoy a huge range of shows without limiting yourself. TV is great after a long day of doing work when you’re ready to unwind and enjoy the evening ahead.

What Are Some of the Best Shows I can Watch with A TV Licence?

It’s down to you what you enjoy, but here are three popular shows you can watch with a TV licence:

Planet Earth – In this series, David Attenborough takes you through an amazing journey taking a closer look at wildlife. From the ocean to the jungle to the desert, you’ll discover animals you had no idea existed. You can find this on BBC iPlayer.

Strictly Come Dancing – Back once a year, this show makes for some great live TV. It’s something you can really get your attention focused on as you hope your favourite people get to the final stages.

Sherlock – If you’re looking for a new series to get obsessed with, this might be the one for you. It’s about a former army doctor called Dr Watson who meets Sherlock Holmes and together they solve crimes. You can find this on BBC iPlayer.

Is it Illegal to Not Have a TV Licence?

If you meet all the requirements to have one, then yes. It’s an offence not to have one under the Communications Act 2003.

Do Students Get Cheaper TV Licences?

As a student, getting your hands on any discounts you can is great – but unfortunately no, you can’t get a cheaper TV licence. If someone in your household purchases one, as long as you’re under a joint tenancy, you can make it cheaper by splitting it between yourselves.

You may also be able to claim a partial refund which is something to have in mind. A TV licence lasts for a year so if you aren’t staying in your house for the whole year, you may be able to get some money back. You can take a closer look at this here.

What Happens if I Get Caught Without a TV Licence?

TV licencing officers may visit your property and you can be fined £1,000 for not having one. If you don’t need one, it’s a good idea to let the TV licencing company know to avoid issues.

How do I set up my TV License? (all included with TSEG)

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