Cope With Academic Pressure

1 min read • November 2 2023

Deep breaths. You’ve got this. Uni life is demanding. Pressure builds over time. Life can get pretty overwhelming. Follow these steps to learn how you can cope with academic pressure.

Remember Your Worth

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You are worth more than any grade. It’s all too easy to tear yourself down when things don’t go the way you expected. Absolutely celebrate your wins, but try not to tie your entire self-worth to your academic success. Learn to embrace the learning process instead. It’s not about the destination. The university journey is what really counts.

Take Breaks

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Taking study breaks helps prevent burnout. Plus you have more chance of absorbing all that info with a refreshed brain! Coping with academic pressure sometimes means taking a step back rather than running full steam ahead. The Pomodoro Technique is an effective way of managing your breaks.

Find Balance

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Your wellbeing should always come first. Create a schedule that priorities your health. Make time for yourself. Do things that bring you happiness. Remember that you have a life outside of uni time, even if it doesn’t always feel like it!

Think Smaller

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Worried about that really big task you’ve been putting off? Try to remove yourself from the bigger picture. Create a list and bullet point each individual step you’ll need to complete. Then focus on one at a time. This will make it seem much more manageable!

Be Compassionate

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Scrap the self-criticism and fill your uni days with self-compassion. Beating yourself up isn’t going to reduce the academic pressure. You’re human. You’re allowed to struggle. Mistakes are normal. Choose kindness, move on from the things out of control, and focus on the future!

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Article written by Rose Marie Drabble

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