Benefits of a Part Time Job for Students

1 min read • May 7 2024

Getting into your college or university of choice can be a life changing experience. Committing the next three, four or even five years of your life to your preferred vocation can seem like the greatest thing in the world. But your self-development over the next few years doesn’t have to end there. Getting yourself a part time job even on top of your studies can bring a wealth of benefits that can help both future you, and your current self-thrive.


Full time studying takes up a lot of time, which is why student loans are essential for students taking on further education. However, your student loan only goes so far, and you want to make sure it lasts for the duration of your course. This is where a part time job can come in handy. Bringing in additional income during your course can help give you more financial flexibility, help build your savings up early, help with student bill splitting and allow you to enjoy some of the best years of your life without being restricted by money.


Working a part time job during your education allows you to build experience that you’ll need when you enter the working world after your course ends. It can be difficult finding a full-time job with no previous experience, especially if you’re only just coming out of education, but by taking up a part time job, even if it’s only a few hours a week, you can build your experience and skills up to ready you for when you need it most. It also allows you to gather references for future job interviews and applications which can help you get the edge over your potential competitors.


While you’ll likely find yourself meeting, working and building relationships with a variety of people throughout your further education, working directly with teams of different colleagues and managers in the workplace can help build lifelong connections within your preferred industry. Even in a part time position your paths can cross with likeminded individuals that may present a variety of unique and positive opportunities for both you and your future career. It can also help build personal relationships with people you may never have met otherwise. It also shows potential managers or business partners you’re both hardworking, and willing to go the extra mile.

Time Management

One of the trickiest elements of adult life is timekeeping and scheduling. Whilst balancing both your studies, coursework and personal life can seem like a challenge, pairing all of those with a part time job can add another piece to the puzzle to help you become a scheduling genius. Being on time and punctual in all aspects of life and keeping your agreed commitments is an incredibly important skill to learn, and while being a few minutes late to classes may not be an issue, being late for work one too many times can cost you your job. Learning this early on will set you up for success in later life and help you perform better in your career.

Money Management

If you’re coming straight from education into further education, it can be difficult to get your head around how money works without the safety net of living at home. Earning your own income for the first time will help you understand the value of money, and the importance of managing your own finances. This can lead to more sensible decisions later in life, and help you manage your student loan debt easier without it feeling like such a heavy burden.

Securing Your Future

Building your personal savings early on may seem like a strange concept for a student, but it can help you a great deal once you finish your studies, or even during. Taking your additional income from a part time job and putting a small amount away over time can give you a rainy-day fund for when you need it most. Having a healthy savings account can help for emergencies like if your car breaks down, you need a new laptop, you suddenly need to find a new property to live in or simply just for peace of mind. By earning your own money, you can leave your student loan for the essentials and give yourself a head start on life with your own income.

Improved Work Ethic

While you may want to put your feet up or get out with friends after a long week of studying, putting in a few extra hours to not only improve your finances, but also your life as a whole can make a world of difference. Building a strong work ethic when you’re younger can help you tackle tougher projects during university, as well as challenging situations when you begin your career later on.

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