The Student Energy Group's Pride Collaboration with Missing Bar

1 min read • June 10 2024

Pride 2024

Happy Pride 2024! This year marks the 2nd anniversary of The Student Energy Group’s team up with Birmingham’s LGBT Missing Bar. Our focus is always on creating a brighter future for everyone. Celebrating inclusive spaces that embrace diversity is a large part of that. Missing is one of those places that’s very close to our heart.

A Word From Our Staff

Rose, Student Energy Group Marketing Executive, says, “things have definitely come a long way, but not every space out there celebrates the uniqueness of individuals, so I feel like our collaboration with Missing is more important than ever. Here’s to a tomorrow that allows everyone to be their authentic self.”

Thworp Fan Mania

As part of our efforts to support the community, each year we provide free thworp fans. These are usually much appreciated after a long march through Birmingham city! We had a great amount of fun standing at the barricades, giving them out and immersing ourselves in the celebrations. At one point one very grateful individual gave one of our staff a rainbow Hawaiian necklace in exchange!  

The Future

Missing Bar was the buzz of the street. It had a lively atmosphere outside and the good vibes continued inside the venue. We will continue to support this local bar, as well as other community based businesses in an effort to see real change. Diversity in all its forms is more important than ever before!

Kindness and diversity is the way forward for our collective future! The world is a colourful place and we are here to support communities that may otherwise get overlooked. We hope that you’re having a great pride month so far. With a few more weeks left of June, there’s still plenty of time to celebrate!

Be proud, be you, and know that The Student Energy Group loves and supports you all the way!

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